Use of Headlights and Tips to Keep it Clean

Halogen bulbs consume up to 40 percent, 100 less energy than conventional bulbs. Discover expert tips on how to clean a halogen bulb for the maintenance, the consumption of the bulb and its use. Consumption of the halogen bulb the use of a 350 Watts halogen, 3 hours a day, consumes in one year…

Consumption of the halogen bulb

The use of a 350 Watts halogen, 3 hours a day, consumes in one year the equivalent of 23 low energy bulbs. The lamps Halogen consume up to 40% less energy than bulbs conventional.

Clean a halogen bulb

Inner cleaning of halogen bulb is done with a soft and dry cloth. You just need to pass it thoroughly passing without too much stress.

Change a halogen bulb

Unplug the luminaire and let it cool down.

Remove the protective glass cover and either with a protective cloth or with gloves, remove the bulb.

cleaning of halogen bulb

Grasp a new bulb by its center then insert it into the notches provided for this purpose and finally replace the protective glass.

Improving the quality of lighting in your home is not always an expensive exercise. Sometimes it’s enough just to wipe the dust from the fixtures and clean the bulbs correctly. This procedure will improve lighting by 20%, and possibly more especially in need of cleaning outside lighting.

Dirt from moisture, dust and other particles can significantly reduce light output. Cleaning a light bulb is not a difficult affair, but you must definitely follow some rules to make everything quality and safe.

Tips for competent cleaning of light bulbs:

  • Never attempt to clean inside headlights while it is in the lamp.
  • Always use a stable and well-maintained ladder.
  • Always make sure that the voltage is off before cleaning or replacing the light bulb.
  • Allow the light bulb to cool before touching it, especially if it’s a halogen lamp that remains incredibly hot for a while.
  • Use a dry cloth with microfibers to wipe the light bulb. If you use a damp cloth, then you need enough time to light the bulb.
  • Never dip light bulbs in water or any other liquid.

Scope of application

In addition to the usual lighting in the interior and replacement of incandescent lamps, halogen lamps are very widely used in various devices.

  • Car lights
  • Spotlights and ramps
  • Lighting devices for photo and video shooting
  • In offset / flexographic printing, screen printing
  • For exposure and drying of materials sensitive to ultraviolet light
  • In heating elements of electric stoves / microwave ovens / soldering irons

Halogen lamps are also used in professional light for photographic studios.