Halogen bulb: What is it and how it Works

In different dictionaries on the Internet, you will find very different, contradictory information about best halogen headlight bulbs. You need to look through several dictionaries and found the right record. Halogen and halogen are synonyms that describe the same phenomenon. No matter how you say halogen lamp or halogen lamps you will not go wrong in any case. Halogen lamps can serve 8 000 – 12 000 hours.

Principle of operation

In the halogen and in the incandescent lamp there is a tungsten filament. The main difference and advantage of the halogen lamp is that the incomplete incandescent lamps are taken into account, and a more perfect scheme of operation is applied.

In the incandescent lamp, a shortcoming was a shortcoming. This was caused by some chemical processes taking place in the flask. Thanks to the chemical reaction and the incandescent lamp experience, the halogen lamp has a longer service life and other advantages.

How does the incandescent lamp glow?

Electricity heats the tungsten filament, which as a result begins to glow. It’s simple. But because of the high temperature, tungsten atoms begin to evaporate and settle on the less hot elements of the bulb.

In the halogen lamp, due to its construction, tungsten is surrounded by iodine with residual oxygen. When tungsten atoms begin to evaporate, they react chemically and settle either in the same place or near the incandescent lamp. Actually, due to this, halogen lamps have a much longer service life and to maintain this you always need to clean halogen bulb after touching.

Advantages and disadvantages

Longer service life, which can be increased to 12,000 hours.

Resistance to voltage drops.

Compact without loss of power

The spectrum of light pleasant to the eye: warm, but bright, which allows you to see the exact colors of objects.

The main drawback – sensitivity to fats, so touching halogen light bulbs even with clean hands can be dangerous. It can be touched only with gloves or with a napkin. The thing is that the lamp bulb is made of quartz. When a greasy print remains on it, the lamp may explode. Note that the halogen bulbs get quite hot, and sometimes the protective bulb and lamp cap are disconnected due to overheating.

Halogen bulb

How to change a burnt out lamp?

The design of the halogen lamp has its own characteristics, so sometimes it can be more difficult to change than an incandescent lamp.


  • Disconnect the power supply
  • Wear rubber medical gloves
  • Remove the blown lamp. The method of attachment can be viewed on a new lamp.
  • Take a new halogen lamp and secure it in the cartridge.
  • Last but not the least does not forget cleaning fingerprints at the end of the process.