Tips to understand the concept of headlight sealant

Condensation in your headlight is a problem of all times. But with those old glass headlights it always fell less. Now with the modern plastic sealing headlights this is much better visible and that you can cost the APK inspection. High time to increase your light output! Here you will find tips to keep your headlights dry.

Moisture in headlight

Modern headlight sealer has a ventilated system through which air flows. Because of this open system there are different climate zones within the headlight. There are very hot spots where the glass is heated by the lighting or the engine and there are cooler places because the wind cools the lamps in those places.

Condensation in headlight

Condensation in headlight

Due to the large differences in temperature, humidity and pressure, condensation can form on the inside of your headlights. After the light is switched off, air is sucked in from the outside and that contains water vapor, causing headlamps to fog. During a ride in warm weather, this often evaporates quickly. Many modern lamps contain a labyrinth through which the air can flow freely. A curved tube or a rubber tube ensures that rainwater is stopped but allows the air to flow through.

Consequence: APK disapproval

It is therefore very important to check whether this tube is still present. If it has disappeared, then there is a real problem! A good garage will check all important requirements for your lighting at the APK inspection. So your headlight must be moisture-tight and the light image must not be distorted. In principle it is normal that the headlights are leaking due to the ventilation system. But if it actually leads to less visibility, then you are a danger on the road and you run the risk of causing an accident yourself. This means that your car is rejected and then you have to get started to get your light output back in order.

sealing headlights

Prevent condensation at all times

Because condensation is much more visible in newer cars because of the plastic housing, you also run the risk of your car being rejected more quickly. To prevent this from happening, it is wise to start on a hot day with the preventative prevention of damp headlights. On a nice summer day the temperature and air pressure is high while the humidity is low. These are important factors because there is little chance of condensation forming in the Headlight lens sealant.

Remove headlights

Precipitation of water evaporates immediately under these conditions. It is then safe to disassemble your headlights. Do this carefully because the seal rubber will quickly damage. Blow all parts of the headlight dry using a blower or air pressure sprayer.