Use of Headlights and Tips to Keep it Clean

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Halogen bulbs consume up to 40 percent, 100 less energy than conventional bulbs. Discover expert tips on how to clean a halogen bulb for the maintenance, the consumption of the bulb and its use. Consumption of the halogen bulb the use of a 350 Watts halogen, 3 hours a day, consumes in one year… Consumption […]

Halogen bulb: What is it and how it Works

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In different dictionaries on the Internet, you will find very different, contradictory information about best halogen headlight bulbs. You need to look through several dictionaries and found the right record. Halogen and halogen are synonyms that describe the same phenomenon. No matter how you say halogen lamp or halogen lamps you will not go wrong […]

Tips to understand the concept of headlight sealant

Condensation in your headlight is a problem of all times. But with those old glass headlights it always fell less. Now with the modern plastic sealing headlights this is much better visible and that you can cost the APK inspection. High time to increase your light output! Here you will find tips to keep your […]